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~ NEW DATES ~ “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare, directed by Jennie Hamilton, is considered as one of the best-known plays in world literature. Hamlet is a philosophical study of life and death, laced with some of the most recognized of Shakespeare’s soliloquies including, Hamlet’s “To be or not to be…”  Home for his father’s funeral, Hamlet learns that his father’s brother, Claudius, has taken over the kingship of Denmark by marrying the queen, his mother. Running  Sept. 20, 2019 – Oct. 6, 2019, Fri/Sat at 8:00pm., Sundays at 3:00pm. $15.00 for Seniors/Students/Military/Disabled,  $18.00 General

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By: The Culture Trip CAT has been featured as *one of the TOP PLACES To GO and to SEE in City Heights, San Diego*. Check us out at the following “LINK”: http://bit.ly/20xqCHQ

By Curtis Long While attending performances at the theater, I was distracted by the emission of two inadequate speakers that were situated on the side walls, about midway between the front and back rows of the seats. I happened […]

Non-profit theatre reopens, invites community to get in on the act. Driving through the Oak Park neighborhood of San Diego many people probably passed the colorful little building on the corner of 54th and College Grove without noticing it […]

Upcoming Shows

Upcoming  Events

To Community Actors Theatre family, friends & supporters,

We appreciate your support of Community Actors Theatre plays, acting classes and open mic very much! As with many of the businesses every where, we have your well being in mind during this terrible coronavirus outbreak that is sweeping our country. With that in mind, we’ve decided to post all of our upcoming plays, acting classes, open mic, and other programs on a, TBA  status.


Upcoming Shows: (TBA) To Be Announced


“A Place In Time” – by Earl Hamilton, Jr., was scheduled to run April 10 – 26, 2020    Present status: (TBA) *To Be Announced – Please visit OUR “Goldstar” Donations page here: https://www.goldstar.com/events/san-diego-ca/community-actors-theatre-donations-tickets


“Rants” – by Paul Taylor, Sr., was scheduled to run May 1 – 3, 2020 Present status: (TBA) *To Be Announced


“The Importance Of Being Earnest” was scheduled to run June 5 – 28, 2020 – *CAT’s Season Opener  – Present status: (TBA)  *To Be Announced


“Open Mic” – Co-Hosted by Lorenzo Rodriguez & Paul Taylor, Sr. – was scheduled to run Every 4th. Monday (except May, Nov., & Dec.) – Present status: (TBA)  *To Be Announced


Acting Workshop Classes by Yolanda Franklin (Adults, ages 16 & up) & Marvell Bryant, (ages 6-15) every Saturday – 10am – 12noon – Present status: *Postponed until Sat., April 11, 2020 at 10am.


“Lyrical Artistry” at GLORIA’S MESA”- AMPHITHEATER  Sponsored by Chollas Lake Council, San Diego ParkOak Park Community Council and Community Actors Theatre. ~A FREE COMMUNITY EVENT~  Cancelled

“Open Mic” CANCELLED UNTIL JUNE 2020… You are cordially invited to join CAT on the 4th Monday of every month at 7:00pm {EXCEPT MAY, NOVEMBER & DECEMBER} for an evening of sharing of talents…yours and ours. Talents that we invite you to showcase are: Poetry, Monologues, Spoken Word, Skits, Singing and/or Dancing, Drumming, Current Events, Magic Tricks, Clean Comedy, Excerpts from plays, etc., etc.. Potential Performers, please sign-up on the Sign-In “PERFORMER’S LIST” before 7:00pm.

Each performer will have 10-12 minutes to perform…depending on how many performers we have for the night. Please bring other family members, friends and co-workers with you. They can perform, or be our audience. Suggested donation is $5.00 per person, or however your heart leads you to donate. We appreciate any and all donations. CAT Theatre – 2957 54TH ST. – San Diego, CA 92105 *HOSTED by Lorenzo Rodriguez & Paul Taylor, SR.


Chartered Bus Trip

CANCELLED… Call or email Jennie at 619-807-7059 Email: jlou2@cox.net  –  Community Actors Theatre – 2957 54th Street, San Diego, CA 92105 (Corner of 54th St., & College Grove Dr., & Krenning St.)


Upcoming “GROUP” Cruise

AUGUST 25, 2020 – To Alaska – Sailing out of Seattle, Washington..



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