Running September 8, 9, 10, 2017: “Arak” is the story of Fatima and Ozzie. Fatima is one of the few female Imans in the country, Ozzie teaches at
a Christian school and is in the seminary wanting to become a pastor. They meet at an interfaith council meeting and there is instant chemistry.
As their relationship develops they experience difficulties with their families, their faith beliefs, and their friends. The question is will society
prevent them from being together or will their love survive. Fri/Sat at 8pm., Sunday at 3pm.$14.00 for seniors, students, military, disabled.
$16.00 General “New play” co-written by Paul Wm. Taylor, Sr., and Shavone Abdul-Hafeez and directed by Paul Wm. Taylor, Sr.

Neighborhood side street parking is on the opposite side of the 54th Street Bicycle Lane, in front of the apartment buildings right by the theatre. Additional Parking is allowed across the street at the Calvary Lutheran Church. (Church on 54th.) The Church in the middle of the block with the tall steeple.