Fund Raising Opportunities for Everyone

We strongly encourage other Organizations to use our productions as fund raisers. It is very simple… look over the list of our up-coming productions, choose the one(s) you’d like to book as a fund raiser, then call Jennie to book that show.

Our theatre seats 94, so it would be to your and your organization’s advantage to sell 94 tickets. It is a 50/50 split for the amount of tickets you sell. Therefore, the more you sell, the better for your fund raising effort. However, if you and your Organization are unable to sell 94 tickets, don’t panic, because it will be 50% of whatever amount you sell. If you sell 94, super! If you sell only 80, still super! If you sell 60, still super! It is the easiest, most simple fund raiser in all of California! We make your tickets free.

Shows should be booked anytime from 3 weeks up to a year in advance. To contact us for more information please CLICK HERE